Sunday, May 16, 2010

Confirmation and Catholicism

I am going to be Confirmed today at three O'clock. I am nervous, I'm joyous, I'm afraid I'm going to fall, but most of all I'm expectant. I cannot wait to filled with The Holy Spirit. I know that when the right of Confirmation is completed I will have a mark on my soul. A mark that can never be removed, I will also have a outward mark--the Holy Chrism. After today I will be a full Catholic. I feel like I have to do something and make a difference now, for really that is what Confirmation is about. When The Holy Spirit enters us it is in a different way, a way that enables us to profess our faith and be soldiers of God. I want nothing more than to be that soldier.

I will receive seven gifts today to help me along my way.

I think this is the beauty of the Catholic Church. We still perform the exact rights Jesus gave us. We know The Holy Spirit still comes down upon us. We still canonize Saints. But most of all we know miracles still happen and we all have experienced them. We experience the biggest miracle of all when we receive Communion.


  1. Cangrats Ella! -hugs- You such a great person and Catholic! Good luck! You won't fall, I promise! X)

  2. Thank you! XD Don't make a promise you can't keep, Katherine :-P

  3. Oh gees. XD You're not wearing heels are you? ::P

  4. Of course I am wearing heels!

  5. Weeeeeeellllll . . . . . lol. Don't fall. XD

  6. Aw, ha ha! Congratulations, Ella! It's beautiful that you're going to get confirmed today! You are in my prayers! <3 Love, Charla :-)

  7. Lily (pray4priests)May 17, 2010 at 8:49 PM

    Awesome, Ella, I'm so happy for you! Confirmation! Congratulations, my dear fellow soldier in the ranks of the Confirmed!