Monday, January 4, 2010

A History of Art

Art flows through my veins. My grandmother was born with an enviable amount of natural talent. At five years old she would draw more realistic people than I can now.
When she a Junior in high school, she was asked to decorate the school gym for the prom. She got to choose the theme, Japan. With pastels she drew life sized women in kimonos and really, really big lilies. She had two days. When it came time to hang the art, only her friend, Donna was there to help her. The rest of the decorating committee never even showed up.
After they had finished, a senior, who my grandma liked at the time walked by and saw the decorated auditorium. He immediately left to get his mother and sisters to show them my grandma's art.

My uncle Bobby was the child that got the most talent from my grandma, he would draw some amazing cars. Unfortunately he became a mechanic. He now has a very successful auto shop.

While bobby got the most talent, my mom, Lori was the one who got the passion for art. My mom has always been dramatic and artistic. In high school her favorite class was art, her least favorite gym. Her senior year she got a A in every class, expect gym. She would draw and draw, I have sketch books full of her art from High school alone. She attended Minneapolis College of Art and design. Even with me, and two small children, she still stays connected with art, by having her own art studio.

I have been drawing since I was very young, when I was kindergarten I would draw and draw pictures of my family. As long as I can remember my mom has been giving art classes and I've been taking them. When I was nine I took a college painting class. I've sold several pieces of my art.
I struggle with people, but I can paint, draw or do a watercolor of any flower, still-life or fruit/vegetable. I have a love/hat relationship with my own art, but I love to look at others. I always expect immediate perfection from myself, hopefully as I grow older I will be more at one with my art and learn to draw people!

Art By Ella 2009


  1. Sorry about the horrible formatting. Blogger hates me.

  2. I love your painting! It's gorgeous! Can't wait to read more ::)

  3. Your paintings are beautiful, Gwen-Rose! Do you think you'll be an art major in college? Thanks for sharing about your family's love of art! :-) My older sister is the one in the family who paints, but my mother used to paint!

  4. That's awesome! I myself have less than no artistic talent and I'm always amazing by other peoples! Good job, Gwen!